Calenvie is looking for super-cool and highly social influencers to help spread the word about the brand and its products and make its social visibility stronger.

The Calenvie Influencer Program (CIP) is a straight forward, transparent and highly rewarding program that welcomes social influencers to be a part of the brand and grow with it by becoming its brand ambassadors.

Here are the guidelines of the Influencer Program:

  1. Apply for becoming a brand ambassador by filling up this form .
  2. Calenvie will review your profile and will get back to you if it looks like a good fit.
  3. An outreach / promotion plan will be mutually discussed and agreed upon.
  4. Based on your preferred engagement model a rewards program will be worked out between you and Calenvie.
  5. The program will officially kick off after signing the contracts.

The various engagement models are explained below:

  • Barter - We send you our products and you promote them on your social pages. No monetary rewards or transactions are involved in this model.
  • Unlimited Commissions - You shall receive a complete Ad-Kit from us which would have the product images, videos and the captions. You shall have a unique code assigned to you for promoting these products. For each purchase that happens using that code you get a commission. This commission is real money and goes straight into your bank account - no questions asked ! And this commission is also uncapped meaning there is no restriction on how much you can earn.
  • Paid - This model is exclusive to influencers with a very high number of followers (500K+) where we pay them a fee to promote our products.